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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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flames could be seen for miles away as far as vallejo shooting high into the area. fighting the fire on this wooden structure was extremely difficult according to the firefighters burning under and between the larged withen posts. it made it almost impossible to put out the fire. the structure was a ferry terminal. it is burning on the other side of big piers and it has been a challenge to get to that. it is underwater and we do not have a true fire boat to put it out. >> how fire started is still not known. boats are located 100' from where we are.
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marine traffic not affected. this is a popular fishing this is one of most popular spots in contra costa county but now closed to the public as firefighters examine the integrity of the structure. firefighters in alameda were able to put out a grass fire quickly last night. the fire break out at 7:45 and burned three or four acres. crews headed out in two hours. >> a sheriff deputy is off the streets and on paid leave while his role in a fatal shooting is investigateed. >> the male is fleeing. >> shots fires. >> he came in contact during a yard search. oakland police say the 20-year old was wanted in a home invasion and pistol whipping.
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they tried to pull him over but he led them on pursuit. neighbors are tired of the violence. >> i am concerned this happens. there are my son and other small children. they want more out of life. >> the shooting is voted by the oakland police and the sheriff. the deputy is open -- on paid leave. >> a suspect opened fire in berkeley last night. it was before 9:30 and there were multiple gunshots. the victim was transported to the hospital but will survive. >> police are looking for a man believed to have assault add teen at the apartment complex where she lived inside a bathroom at a new clubhouse at the complex. here is that story. >> the clubhouse in san leandro
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is brand new. residents say it opened early this morning. despite the security, a teen girl was sexually assaulted if the bathroom in a stall. >> i'm shocked. we don't have that kind of thing going on. >> it is not clear how the attacker got inside. the clubhouse is always locked. residents need a key. >> investigators are looking into whether the residents or someone let him in. miss have noble a vague description, a black male in his 20's. >> we are looking at the forensic stuff that can help and video tapes and looking into th forensic artist to do a drawing. >> management declined to comment on the sexual assault. residents wonder if the clubhouse was staffed. the building is often unattended
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when an employee is supposed to be on statement. >> it is supposed to be staff at senator times. >> the bathroom is not that far from the front deck so it is shocking. they did not give us notification or anything. >> anyone with information should call san leandro police. >> a second american missionary stricken with ebola will arrive tomorrow in the united states for treatment. officials say nancy writebol is scheduled to depart west africa on tuesday with medical evacuation team. her colleague, dr. brantly was admitted to atlanta's emory university and his wife said he is improving. >> a passenger ferry capsized in pentagon lash and media reports it was carrying up to 250 people. no word on survivors. it sang as it crossed a river.
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ferry citizens are common in bengladesh because of poor safety standards and many boats are overlocked. >> the death poll from a strong earthquake in china rose overnight. officials say 398 people died in the 6.3 earthquake surveillace camera captures the shaking and 1,800 are hurt. 12,000 homes were leveled. it is the most severe in a century. the area is friend to earthquakes. >> in southern california, one person is dead and 2,000er stranded after thunderstorms led to mudslides. authorities in san bernardino say a bed was found in a car swept into a rain swollen creek. flash floods and debris flows cut off action to oakland and forest falls and the storms dumped up to 4" of rain an hour in some areas.
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>> we got a flash flood and mudslide with heavy downpours in the area caused the roads to be blocked by heavy debris and mud is rocks and boulders and splitting the town in half. >> this morning, crews are assessing the extent of damage caused by the storms. >> for people living in san jose they will decide on a quarter crept sales tax in november. officials recommend the tax hike. the city council will make a final decision tomorrow whether it will be general tax measure requiring a simple majority vote or earmark the money for police and fire services so it would need to thirds approval. the increase would raise $34 million a year offer the suggested nine-year life span. >> it will cost more to park in redwood city starting today. rates double to $1 an hour in the core downtown area loan the
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caltrain tracks and broadway. the rates are in affect monday through saturday. fores hope the change creates more turn around for parking spaces. >> a limited number of fans can check out the 49ers practice at the new facility up to 10,000 fans are allowed to watch three sessions of training camp at the new home field. it is too late to buy tickets that became available last month. the fans have been notified if they get to go. >> they came for the game and stayed for gridlock but the people that run the stadium say it will be better for the first game. 48,000 fans streamed out out ofe first ever event the san jose earthquake soccer but the walk to the parking lot felt quicker than the ride home. some share misery posting
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pictures of endless tail lights the 49er games will attract 68,000 fans generating more traffic. how is the weather, leyla gulen? >> moist. we have water vapor, a subtropical moisture from southern california to northern california will bring more clouds on the way. what does that noon? our day planner is showing increasing clouds overnight and that will bring the temperatures down for today. by midweek we will see more seasonal temperatures. by noon today slower sunshine and 72 inland and 66 away the bay and 62 along the coast and by 4:00 p.m. inland we are in the lower 80's and lower 70's and lower 60's along the coast and we will see possible sprinkles and potential thunder and lightning and maybe rain
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showers especially san francisco bay north. that is where we will see most of the moisture with the full seven-day forecast and a explanation of the satellite imams in a few minutes. in track, we have light conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza but we have 25 minute bart delay and this is along the daly city line in pittsburg and bay point and dublin/pleasanton because of an equipment problem and in addition we have a delay open ace train one and this is due to mechanical problems with the doors. ace train one had to switch train societies and -- train sets. this is the san mateo bridge. no construction. no delays. no accidents. headed into foster city it is only nine minutes. >> next, more than a dozen while
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fires send california into a state of emergency and some people are ignoring the evacuation orders. >> toxins in the tap water and what is next for the major united states city under orders not to drink from the faucet. >> we have a new way to keep up to date, egg you -- everything you need to know staying on through the entire staying on through the entire commercial
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covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. developing news this morning, bay area firefighters have joined crews battling a series of fires across california. five major fires are burning in the northern part of the state, governor brown has declared a state of emergency because local agencies are overwhelmed. mandatory evacuation orders are in affect for several
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communities around the fire burning east of redding and residents are helping fight the fires. eight homes have been destroyed. last check it has burned 40,000 acres and is only 5 percent contained. >> you can see on the map the 11 counties which the governor has declared a state of emergency. the federal emergency management agency or fema approved four federal grants which will cover 75 percent of the cost. local state and tribal communities are available for the rest. >> there are millions of dead trees left by the rim fire the massive wildfire that gunned 400 square miles of forest. environmentalists say the logs and new plans growing below them create ideal habitat for certain birds but others say this is a fire hazard and suggest logging it to way for reforestation
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efforts. the forest service will decide in the few weeks. >> crews have been finished on a water main that burst last week pouring 20 million gallons on to the ucla campus. the new pipe juncture on sunset boulevard will be reinforced with concrete and extra steel plating. ucla started a crowd funding effort to raise $1 million to help students and faculty and employees affected by the flooding. >> hundreds of thousands in and around there will, ohio, can still not use their tap water because the toxin was revealed in the water supply. officials are trying to track down the source and how many could be at risk. for a third straight day faucets are on although new tests found that toledo tap water is safe in most areas the mayor decided to keep the water
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ban in place. >> i a not going to take take ay chances. my rare is by early morning, we will see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> residented shut make drink the water, brush their teeth, republic food or wash dishes. the emergency is affecting hundreds of thousands in the 4th largest city in ohio bringing it to a standstill. many businesses and restaurants are closed and hospitals are canceling surgeries and moving patients. doctors are worried where the equipment was sterilizeed. >> right now i am grilling on the porch. we use one bottle water for brushing teeth. we share it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the ohio national guard are patting out free cases of bottled water. >> ain't had none all day. >> it was likely contaminate by
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algae in lake erie turning the lake a shade green which can cause liver and nervous system damage and trigger vomiting and numbness. so for officials have not seen any cases of severe illness. the lake supplies water for 11 million so officials are scrambling how to stop the algae bloom. if you you are worried about kids playing too many video games, it is up to a point but some video games are good. kids would spent an hour to three hour as day playing games tended to be better adjusted than those would played none but more than three hour as day is linked to are intoer social behaviors and psychological well ness. my playing on "burger time"
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actually helped me. i am not known for cooking but known for a nice forecast. >> as we look at live doppler 7 hd we are bringing back runs of a thick marine layer off to the east with thunderstorm activity. we are seeing thunderstorms of our own overnight. from the camera to downtown and the embarcadero you can see the main layer and 2000' thick and it is going to persist and bring us cloud cover for the day. current temperatures in san francisco are 58 degrees and we are 66 in oakland and san carlos and san jose and 59 in gilroy and half moon bay and 57 right now. cloud cover is slowly going to burn off in some places but mostly you are going to be seeing clouds if you are in the eastbound bay and near the coast in san francisco.
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partly cloudy for parts of the south bay. this is because of the upper trough that will bring in the monsoon moisture and the heat will peak tomorrow. for the game tonight, the a's will take on the rays and first pitch is 7:05 and drizzle overnight and 64 is the beginning temperature and 61 degrees by the end of the game. our high today is warm and 82 in morgan hill and 78 in san jose but cooler than yesterday at 71 in sunnyvale and 76 in redwood city and along the coast in the lower 60's and under cloud cover, 64 degrees downtown and san francisco in the north bay 73 in petaluma and 90 in so warm in some areas. berkeley is 65 and the should cover and marine layer is never
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burning off by today,up in pittsburg and 83 in brentwood and 81 in pleasanton. locals will have fog along the coast and moisture this, as well, with possible sprinkles and thunderstorms and from san francisco to the north bay. the seven-day outlook shows tells warming up by tomorrow and when we hit the middle of the woke we can see seasonal temperatures and 90's expected over the weekend. traffic right now shows what is happening here in the bay area. we have areas of construction and first i want to talk about this, between orange and...ponderosa the area of construction will wrap up at 5:00 this morning. headed into the east bay we have a project along i-80 in the eastbound and westbound direction. watch for the cone zone and make sure to slow down.
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things will wrap up by 5:00. eric and katie? >> just about 4:50. new bragging rights this only for mountain-based google. here are the tech bytes. >> google has set a new record for smartphones, the company droid operating system accounted for 85 percent of global smartphone shipments in the second quarter quarter billion phones. apple is closer to receiving $450 million settlement for the customers with approval for the pay intermediate to my forward after conspiring to raise e-book prices. h.p. is teaming up with a designtory create a luxury smart watch that will feature traditional rounded face and choice of wrist straps and is come patible with apple and detroit dough voices -- >> more weather and traffic all
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morning and a brand new way to keep you updated. >> this is the news now, with both and traffic throughout the entire commercial break so you entire commercial break so you do not miss a
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the sons leaning toward a ban on passengers making calls on airline flights. the major concern is calls being a distraction for others not a technical problem. rules allow passengers to use their mobile phones at the a rule could emerge by next year. >> leyla gulen? >> if you are headed out to a bart station near you, these are temperatures you can expect. 60 degrees in concord. 60 degrees in pittsburg.
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walnut creek is in the low 60's for the bay area. fremont, union city, hair, -- hayward. 58 if san francisco. 56 in daly city. 61 at sfo. we have a major delay on bart because of a quip president problem in pittsburg and pleasanton direction. land ahead. this is a problem westbound 80 buchanan to powell street with construction. construction. if we can lock from emeryville which is a file or emergency crews. we do have a fire department blocking the off ramp to traffic so they try to put out this fire
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with more updates in a few minutes. >> it 4:55. more trouble for a northern california dog training company. a boy suffered from seizures and the family paid $12,000 for a dog that was never trained. now, new allegations are coming to light of the company, a lawsuit filed on behalf of three families accuses the company of fraud and false advertising. each dog costs $25,000 and the 19 with only spend $200 for the dog, put in two or three months of training and pass it off as a dog with $12,000 worth of training. >> many families given service dogs that were anything but. far from being service dogs or helping they hurt and by more trouble than a regular dog would be. they demand a refund of the
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money and the company is in the process of filing for bankruptcy protection. >> a texas woman's closet considered the lastest in america is missing some pretty pricey items. a burglar hit the 3,000 square' closet while the businesswoman was out to dinner getting three bags worth 60,000 each and filled them with expensive jewels taking $1 million in valuables. >> they took heirloom items passed from me to ploy husband's mother who passed away. why care about this crap but i care about the stuff that was passed to me. >> she forgot to set the house alarm and lock the closet. police do not believe it was an inside job but say the burglar knew what he was look for taking out the glass downtown stares and heading state for the
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closet. >> we have see flyers involving a cat or dog but yesterday they spot add giant tortoise wandering the neighborhood. it took two officers to get the tortoise into the car because it weighed 150 pounds. the animal has been reunited with the owner. i thought you were going to say it took two officers to much can him. >> cute, though. for harm done. >> next, breaking news from the east bay where a big fire erupts loan the cartinez straights. >> hopeful sign for thank you is the new abc7 news, egg you need to know throughout egg you need to know throughout the
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, at 5:00 am. we will look at the weather forecast and there is traffic situation out there and leyla gulen is doing double duty. >> i have a lot to talk about, hope you had a great weekend. live doppler 7 hd shows satellite to the east of us we have quite a deficit thunderstorm activity and we have a low making its way into the bay area and we are going to experience some sprinkles of our own and possible showers and thunderstorms into


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